Pet Medical Services

At Flowery Branch Pet Wellness Center, we provide your animal companion the pet services he needs to get healthy and to stay healthy. Pay a visit to our pet hospital in Flowery Branch, GA, and schedule the veterinary care your furry friend needs.

Medical Services

Read more about our pet medical services below:

Preventative Care

Many diseases and conditions that can threaten a pet’s life are preventable. That’s why your priority as a pet owner should be to shore up your animal companion’s preventative care.

Pet Vaccinations

Preventative care for pets usually involves vaccinations. Talk to our veterinarian about your pet's proper core vaccination schedule and if your pet may need additional vaccinations depending on their medical history and environment. We want to help make sure your pet is safe from an diseases that could threaten his health.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Our veterinarian can also offer protection against parasites, including medication that can help keep fleas, ticks, and other potentially dangerous parasites at bay. We can also recommend which brands to buy from the pet store.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering are important procedures that can help protect your pet from troublesome diseases. Neutering eliminates the risk of your male pet developing testicular cancer while spaying helps protect against breast cancer in a female pet. Spayed or neutered pets are also less likely to wander, thus reducing the odds of them being involved in accidents.

Laser Therapy

Our veterinarian can use laser therapy to help ease inflammation caused by arthritis and other chronic diseases. If your pet has suffered a soft tissue injury of some kind, laser therapy may also help speed up his recovery.

Digital Radiology

Sometimes, the greatest obstacle to treating an ailing pet is simply finding out what’s wrong with him. Here at our pet hospital, we depend on digital radiology to diagnose our patients properly.

Pet Illness and Injury Treatment

If your pet becomes injured or sick, we can use a pet exam and testing to help find out what is wrong with them. Once we understand his problem, we can create personalized treatment plan to help him get relief.

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Allow us at Flowery Branch Pet Wellness Center to provide the pet hospital services your pet needs. Book a consultation at our location in Flowery Branch, GA, and leave your pet’s health in the hands of our veterinarian. Call us at (678) 960-3060 for veterinary pet services from a vet near you at our animal clinic near you.